Skills: feminist practice, public interventions, site-responsive performance, spatial justice, urban scenography


In November 2016 I organized a guerilla action to make light on an unlit bike path not far from where I live in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, a neighbourhood located in the east end of Montreal. Organizing this action was inspired by a workshop I had taken, “Safety, Gender, the City,” facilitated by artists Cynthia Hammond and Caroline Alexander.

Our temporary occupation took place on a bike path bridge spanning 125 feet over a portion of a network of Canadian National railway tracks. The bike route is hemmed in by chain link fence (approx. eight feet high) on other side of the path running the length of the bridge.


A work in progress, Feminist City Light Capers considers urban lighting as genre, and the politics of visibility as experienced through the tension between the realm of night and the imagination, temporary, renegade or user-created lighting, and the use of permanent or ‘officially sanctioned’ urban night lighting.

Collaborators: Cynthia Hammond, Caroline Alexander, Joanna Donehower, Marie-France Daigneault-Bouchard, and Margaret Westby.

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