Love in a Cold Climate

Skills: public interventions, site-responsive performance, urban scenography

LIACC-video-still-5_SJOn February 13th 2015 Love in a Cold Climate brought together a diverse group of approximately forty participants in an unscripted collaboration with an underused, institutional space: the Hall Terrace. Until recently, the Henry F. Hall Building (1966) was the largest building on the downtown campus of Concordia University, Montreal. The Terrace, located immediately north and behind the Hall pavilion, is a remnant of modernist architectural principles and urban planning. Originally intended to be a social space and a connector between the campus and surrounding urban fabric, the terrace is today a bleak expanse of concrete and brick, dotted with a few picnic tables and uninspired lighting.

Click here to play video documentation of the project. This event was conceived and co-organized in collaboration with Cynthia Hammond, Shauna Janssen, and Michael Montanaro.

— Text by Cynthia Hammond.