Fantasy in the Hold:  Interiority, Architecture, and Performances of Critical Mobility

in collaboration with Joanne Paterson Kinniburgh

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Our research project takes the architecture of the container as a critical interior and performative site for creatively engaging with the themes and spatial histories of mobility and containment, biculturality, circuits of capital, and the contemporary continuum of the ‘shipped’ and shipping. “Fantasy in the Hold,” the proposed title of our project is both borrowed from and a response to Stefano Harney and Fred Moten’s chapter by the same name in their book The Undercommons: Fugitive Planning and Black Study (2013). For Harney and Moten the ‘hold’ is the slave ship and, as Jack Halberstam contends, this ‘hold’ can also be “the hold we have on reality and fantasy, the hold they have on us and the hold we forego on the other, preferring instead to be with, to love.” (12) Shipping, containerization, the movement of things, objects, and subjects “can be felt and touched and exists in language and in fantasy, it is flight, it is motion, it is fugitivity itself.” (Halberstam, 11)

Image:  The Amazonia Is Not Here, Victor de la Rocque, for Performance Arcades, New Zealand, 2017.